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it takes a fool to remain sane
Started a new blog. This time in Norwegian. Guess many of you won't understand what is written on it, but thought I'd share it with you anyway:
I'll keep both journals active. Yay! Happy 2011 :)
I was close to deleting this journal so many times, but couldn't do it. I've been a stranger for a while now. But I'll try to update whenever I have time to write.
A few things I've done while I was away:
Wisdom teeth
1)I've had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed in the beginning of this month. It took me ages to have the courage to do it, cause whenever I showed my x-rays to the dentists they'd say that it wouldn't be easy. The bottom ones were deeply buried under the gum and impacting in horizontal position. There's one more to go. The top ones don't even count cause they were grown and simple to remove. In Brazil, it's more common to have this surgery fully awake and I confess it wasn't that bad. It wasn't painful at all. I did a major research before going through this, so while the dentists were talking during the procedure I could understand the whole thing. I woke up with a face like a basketball the morning after, and lost weight after having to eat mostly soup for days, but it wasn't any big deal. I'm glad I'm almost through with this.
Nearly drowned on Ipanema Beach
2) My cousins from the US came for a visit and they brought a friend. I decided to take them to Ipanema beach and they were close to dying there. What are the odds? I take three teenagers to the beach and the three of them almost drown at the same time!  It makes me wonder if I'll be a good mother one day. Let me tell you how it happened: There was a "Danger" sign all over the beach and being the overprotective freak that I am, I warned them about it a thousand times before they went for a swim. They can all swim pretty well, but I had to stare at them all the time to make sure they were ok. Everything was peaceful for about 20 minutes, when all of a sudden I notice that 2 of them were missing. I tried to keep my cool and didn't panic right away. I only got really worried when I saw a couple of lifeguards running towards the ocean. Since the kids had things like Ipods, cameras and cell phones in their bags, I grabbed their purses so nobody would steal them and ran to the same direction. (You know you're from Rio when you do such a thing, even when you're in a tense situation). This is when I finally realized there really was something wrong and they were involved since I couldn't see any of them anymore. So I freaked out and started crying. That's when I saw Jessica being carried by a man. Then I see Taylor being saved by a lifeguard. When Jess saw that I was crying she hugged me tight and said that everything was ok. And this is when I started getting desperate again cause there was no sign of Rebecca for about 2 minutes. I desperately screamed at the guys that saved them "There's one girl left!!" The man told me to calm down. Then I saw her being carried by this big guy full of muscles. We were the center of attention for a while. The guys who saved them told me that they noticed they were foreigners and could tell they were not used to that beach. Taylor was quite embarrassed and said " Oh yeah, we had to be pretty Americans and do something embarrassing while visiting Brazil!!" I don't blame them for what happened, but I'm never taking them to the beach again. Not without their mother.
This is enough for today. I'll try to update again next week. G'night.
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When Henrik was on his mission in Liberia, we used to talk on the phone every single night. There was this time I could tell something was wrong, cause he sounded a bit tense. Then he mentioned that a few snakes were found near his tent, so he wasn't very excited about it. You have no clue how many rough nights I had, thinking about all the dangers surrounding him. I had to do something about the damn snakes, besides praying like a maniac. And so I did. I googled "how to get rid of snakes" and gathered as much info as I could. Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy task cause I know nothing about snakes and reading things like "There is no magic spray or device that you can use to make them go away" made me get very disappointed, after all that's exactly what I wanted Henrik to have, the magic spray. Even though I knew that he could take care of himself, I wanted to help somehow. So I made him promise that he'd remove all the debris near his tent, trim the grass, and place moth balls around his bed. These were the few things I learned after doing my anaconda research. Hey! At least I tried :D
A few days later, I got desperate after not hearing from Henrik for 2 days. I wanted to stick positive, but I could feel there was something going on. There was this UN site that I used to visit every single day, even though it was all in Swedish and I couldn't understand much of it. So basically, the only thing I used to do while exploring this site was look at the photos they posted. "In shock" are the best words to describe how I felt when I bumped into one particular picture. There was a photo of this soldier in a hospital bed, with no captions under it. After spending 3 hours trying to translate the whole text, with the help of a lame online dictionary, I figured that it was just about the facilities (mostly about the medical area), but I couldn't find the injured soldier's name.The doctor was blocking his face, and all I could see was the soldier's arm all wrapped in a white cloth, attached to an IV pole. Nobody believed me, but I was 100% sure that was Henrik's arm. I tried to remain calm, but I started thinking that he was either shot or bitten by the evil snake that was near his tent a few days before. Praying was the only thing I could do. Not even google could've helped me with that one. Two days passed by and no sign of Henrik. When I was close to freaking out, I got a call from him late at night. I was so relieved! It turned out that was really him in that bed. He had some serious food poisoning, so he was forced to spend a few days in the hospital. Gladly, he was OK, and after a few months he got back home in one piece.
This is just one of a few dramatic tales from our long distance relationship, but with a very happy ending.

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Don't "OK" me!
It's funny how our little differences still amuse us sometimes. Henrik has always thought I gesticulate and make too many facial expressions as I speak. It's like I come with an endless collection of emoticons. So I figured that this must be a cultural thing, since he wasn't even familiar with some of my gestures and faces. There was this time I made a gesture to hurry up and he wondered why I was incessantly shaking my hand like that. And he never gets my head gesture that means "What?" Instead of answering me back, he repeats the head move thinking I'm actually doing a little dance or something. It never ceases to amuse me.
Still on the same note, we tend to have a communication problem when it comes to the "OK" sign. In my country, it's a bad gesture that means "F*ck you!" And ever since I told him that, I'm practically not allowed to use it anymore. Once he asked me how the food was a while ago, I did the hand gesture meaning it was good, and he was all like "Don't be evil now!" I'm glad we still understand each other in the universal language of loooove :)
Romeos and Juliet.
Lately, I have been taking walks early in the morning and that's pretty much the only exercise I've been doing. I go to this amazing park near the beach and walk very fast like a major athlete. The area is usually packed with all sorts of people who exercise, walk their dogs and get a tan on the beach. Sometimes, I bump into a huge group of what seems to be army cadets in uniforms, who always go jogging and sing army chants at the same time. The leader says something and they repeat right afterwards, what gets everyone's attentions since they're so many. As they were getting closer to me, I decided to pay attention to what they were saying:
"Ei Romeu! (Hey, Romeo!)
Onde está a Julieta? (Where's Juliet?)
Está aqui! (She's here!)
É só olhar para a direita!"(Just look to your right) *And there I was, the only one on their right*
They kept repeating that, til I passed by the whole group. Most of them were looking at me, and smiling. That turned out to be the most choir-like line I've ever gotten. And probably one of the few lines that made me smile cause it was cute, unexpected, innocent, and it rhymed and everything (only in Portuguese though). Plus, I knew that none of the sweaty guys were trying to get in my pants. That was just part of the training and they must do it whenever they run by a lonely girl, to make the training less tiring and more amusing. That's all for today. Off I go.


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You'll never guess where I am right now, because I think most of you have never heard of this place. But it sure is paradise. This is the reason why I haven't been updating. In paradise, computers are boring and silly. I can't even stand spending more than 10 minutes in front of it. But I miss my LJ friends, so I took a break from all the goodies and attractions that this place has to offer, and logged on to write a short entry. A longer one will come, when my ikeaboy and I get back home. Pictures and stories will be included. I hope everyone is well. Buh bye!

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I got my incense burning and a nice cup of tea waiting for me. I looked forward to that all day. I've been working hard and I confess I want my days off badly. Not to worry, 'cause they're coming soon. 

Let me tell you that teaching Portuguese is no easy task. I've got new students and they freak out whenever I teach them something new. The present and past tenses of verbs in Swedish are very simple to conjugate. All the forms are the same for each personal pronoun, and that's what my Swedish student misses the most, whenever he has to conjugate verbs in Portuguese. It's just too hard for him, since he was introduced to this language not so long ago. As for my Japanese student, her major difficulty is to pronounce the words. It's always fun to work with her, 'cause she laughs everytime she bumps into a long sentence. The Swede, on the other hand, sounds almost like a native even though he doesn't know much. Apparently, that works with every Swedish person. Henrik has almost no accent when he speaks my language, even though his vocabulary and grammar still suck. Hopefully, I'll change that soon.

Working with foreigners made me realize that I'm lucky for having Portuguese as a first language. I don't think I'd be able to study it, not with this pressure that I've voluntarily enrolled in when it comes to studying Swedish. OK! I'm done with the nerd talk. Tchau :D

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All I do is study and work. Work and study. It'll be like this til X-mas. which is a GREAT thing but I miss the good life sometimes.
I cannot believe it's been more than a month since I last watched a movie. All work and no play makes Gigi a dull boy. So suggest a movie or book and help me get rid of the weenie :)

For the ones who emailed me: I'll reply to your messages as soon as I can.

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The United Nations rated Norway as the best country to live in for a sixth consecutive year, followed by Iceland and Australia in second and third places. Ireland and Sweden were awarded the fourth and the fifth ranks. The United States of America was ranked at the eighth place under Canada and Japan, who were at sixth and seventh places respectively. Brazil was ranked at the sixty-ninth place. The rankings are based on criteria such as life expectancy, education and income levels and are listed annually by the U.N. Development Program in its Human Development Index since 1990. 

I like to call Norway my second home, since it's the closest to home I get when I'm abroad. This whole ranking thing inspired me to list the good things about living in Norway and in Brazil. The weather is Brazil's major plus, and the fact that it's where I'm from just makes it all special. In this case, Brazil ranks at the first place and it will always be on the top of my list.

Norway comes in second. I could go on and on about this country, but I guess the reason why I love it so much, is the company and all the goodies that come with it. I've lived the happiest days of my life in beautiful "Norge" and whenever I'm around, everything seems to be so dreamy that I wouldn't be surprised if trolls came over for a cup of coffee. The low crime rate is one of the things that makes Norway a great place to live in, in my opinion. The weather is on the "disadvantage" list, but it still doesn't bother me at all. I'm a big fan of the snowy days.

On a different note, I've been the worst LJer ever. But I might have more free time next week, what will allow me to post and comment more often. 

P.S. In the photo: Ikeaboy and I, taking a long walk in Holmenkollen (Norway).

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Trying to think of a nice costume to wear this Halloween. Suggestions accepted.

I've just remembered I never shared the photos taken in October/05. I went to Georgetown with my cousins, where I partied and got high on sugar because I'm cool like that. Apparently, not many kids go trick-or-treating anymore, because only a few children knocked on our door. So there were so many candies left, that I never managed to eat them all even though I've been having them for dessert since 2005. The bad thing is that I recently realized I've been stuffing myself with expired Baby Ruth and Kit-Kat for quite a while. What explains the recent bowel revolution I had not long ago. Yikes! : /

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Taken from ulrica_81.
I never make posts like these, but I'm in the mood today.
Comment with words that you somehow associate with me. Repost this in your journal, if you feel like it.
I'll reply to the comments with words that I associate with you.

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