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it takes a fool to remain sane

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I always enjoy the small things that life brings. I hardly ever get bored or moody. I value everything that my parents have taught me. I'm an old fashioned girl who enjoys spending time with the family.
I'm half black, half white, French, Portuguese...Scratch that! Where I come from, people have such crazy mixes that we entitle ourselves simply as Brazilians.
I'm tall, slim and slender, long legs and arms, ET fingers and I have freckles on my face that are magically removed from my pictures. Even though it doesn't seem like it, I love the way I look. You gotta love yourself the most yo :)
I was born in Rio de Janeiro, so that makes me a Carioca. Yes! I live near the beach, it's summer during the whole year, I get wild during carnaval and I have at least 4 glasses of coconut water a day. That's the carioca lifestyle, and I love it.
I get to travel a lot, what forces me to take breaks from this way of life, but I'm not complaining. After all, traveling is my greatest passion. I've been to lots of different countries and different regions of Brazil. I don't want to brag or anything, but it's a lovely country that is definitely worth visiting if you get the chance to. Just leave all your bling blings at home. All you'll need while exploring this part of South America, is a lot of energy and a camera, to record all the beauties you'll get to see. It's hard not to fall in love with this place.

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I don't take this journal very seriously, so before you take a look at it, remember that this is just a place where I write random things about my life, post pictures and talk nonsense with my friends. You won't find anything too deep or philosophical here.

New friends are always welcome.

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